Happiness is a Warm Gun

Age, as Sabrina said, is just a number but us being the “superior humans” that we are, this number grants us more opportunities than it would to another animal. The day you turn 18, you are legally allowed to smoke, able to buy/watch pornography, have sex (basically start a family), gamble at Indian Casinos

Screw you, Morongo.

Moving on. We turn 18, we turn into adults, our purpose at this point is to reproduce like other animals, we have matured and entered adulthood. However, 18 we are all still children. But the crazy part is, since I am now doing adult things, starting a family and living with one person for the rest of my life doesn’t sound too scary anymore. (Sabrina, this may alarm you.)

I used to be the girl who said she would never get married, never have kids, never settle down. The girl who never wanted to be tied down to anything, but as I’m growing up, (as much as I don’t want to admit it, I am growing up) I have come to realize that living with someone you love, and starting something precious with them starts to feel right after a while.

I never thought I’d meet the guy who I could feel 100% myself with from the get-go. Never thought I’d find someone who would be able to read my mind, who knew exactly what to say or do to make me smile, who actually genuinely cares for me. Someone I could belt out disney songs and tunes to in the car and not feel judged, be able to act my quirky self, no secrets of embarrassment. But since I did find this person, this person who I can’t imagine ever being without, makes me want to eventually start a family with this person, not any time soon of course, but give or take a few years I’ll be ready.

I think this sudden change in perspective naturally triggers when you reach a certain point in your life, that point where you feel complete. You finally understand who you are and you’re finally happy with where you are, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything because you have everything you could ever dream for at your fingertips. Why would I trade that? Happiness is all that truly matters in our trivial lives in the long run and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I’m happy. 🙂

My brain is mush right now. I can’t think straight, I’m in a land of cotton candy clouds that are heart shaped, and with a sun that is constantly smiling. So the fact that I should be depressed right now (I actually dropped/lost $80 on the ground today) I can’t imagine falling, because I’ve already fallen in love.

I’m being a cheese-ball, but love is cheesy. All you need is love.. doo do do dooo.

Your hopeless romantic,



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