Home is where I’m alone with you

To clear things up first, the title of my last post was referring to Boyfriend being my fix because I was going down. And the fact that he is a warm gun….. (I’ve been loopy all weekend, don’t mind me.)

There’s something about getting drunk without your boyfriend, it just does NOT work. Last night I went to a small little beer pong get together with some old friends while Boyfriend was at work. Drank WAY more than I planned, due to the fact I missed him, and spent the rest of the night with him puking and crying my eyes out. And the thing is, I still don’t EVER throw up while drunk, I guess I’m past those days, drinking is just not so fun anymore.

It’s kind of amazing how strong love can be. Even after hugging the toilet seat, and being all puffy faced, Boyfriend was there being supportive as ever and sure enough, drunk Elana = horny Elana, so I had a VERY good time last night for the first time. I needed it, the way you needed it in Berkeley. He pulled out……. sketchy.

Point is, I’m officially deflowered (if I wasn’t already deflowered before) and for the first time it felt great. I can’t tell right now if it was because I was drunk, or because it was burning-rubber-less, but it was good. This is the moment where I realize I kind of want to change my name so if someone does miraculously come across my blog, I don’t have to want to kill myself in the future. I want to be able to talk about everything, even those deepest darkest secrets that only you and Boyfriend now about, if you catch my drift.

Today we went house shopping. 🙂
It’s almost as fun as buying a piece/bubbler. Same happy/high feeling surprisingly. I fell in love with a place, the most expensive and smallest place, but it’s just so pretttttyyy. I want to live there, I want to name it, I want a home again. Music video isn’t nearly as epic as yours, but this is my current life song.

Hangovers are no fun. No more drinking for me, ever. (Give or take a few weeks).


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