Gliddy Glup Gloopy

So I’ve noticed that Elana and I have both basically been talking about the same topics in our posts: Sabrina is depressed and Elana is in love. I think maybe it’s time to switch things up a little. I’ll only write briefly in this paragraph about my updated depression — which is to say that I went to gym to work out at 2am last night / this morning, and then cried alone on the floor of the dirty gym for half an hour. Then I couldn’t fall asleep till 4:30. From 6am-10am I had on-and-off-sleep. Not that any of this is really news.

At last, we move on. Since I have zero life, I spent my whole weekend sewing costumes for Children of Eden, a Stephen Schwartz musical that a student group is putting on. I have fun doing it though, so I am not complaining in any way. In fact, I love it. The show opens this Friday, and I get to have my name in the program because I’m an awesome assistant and seamstress. Score! If only this was a paid job, I could put this on job applications and get jobs. Oh, and I’d have money… which is always a bonus. At least now I have something to slap onto a resume. Although I suppose actually starting a resume would be helpful too.

I’m super glad that we restarted this baby (this baby being this blog). It’s nice knowing that you’re out there thinking about me in your busy life, Elana — even if we’re talking about ourselves mostly. But I know we’re both writing for basically the same reasons, which are to a) keep a history of ourselves, b) have a kind of psychological release, and to c) keep in touch with each other.

(As a side note, this blog is also nice because it’s a great thing to do during my gaps between classes. I’m sitting on one of the comfy orange couches in one of the campus cafes, sipping my green tea freddo with my laptop and chill music. Huzzah for wireless internet!)

And, Elana, I’m glad you finally got that kind of “closure” with your virginity, I guess you could say. No confusion there anymore. But I’d still suggest getting on the pill, girl. I don’t want to be helping you take care of no Eurasian babies. You know I would help you, though. I am just that good of a best friend. I might make you pay me though. Or feed me or give me a place to live. Actually, a place to live would be the best option. Just think about it, you’d have a basically free live-in nanny who would help out at any hour, and I’d have a place to live. OK, maybe you would have to feed me too. But I’d be the best nanny ever. I’d keep your pretty little kids healthy and undumb.

But don’t have babies yet. I was just getting ahead of myself. Really though, I’m declaring myself godmother from now on till forever. And your bridesmaid maid of honor. You better be having me wear a dank dress.

Getting ahead of myself again!

Like you, I’m kind of over drinking. I don’t know, I’d just rather get stoned honestly. But Friday night I went over to this dude Brian’s dorm because Julie was hanging in there. There were about 10 people in the room playing drinking games when I got there. Julie was just on the computer planning out next semester’s schedule. She too is apparently over drinking. Anyway, we were kind of just watching everyone else be dumb. They offered me a shot of rum that was 75% alcohol, and I took it. (By the way, not having chasers apparently makes you a boss.) I figured that since I’ve been ultra sensitive to alcohol lately and it was 75%, I would get at least tipsy. Nothing happened. It was kind of weird.

That wasn’t a very exciting story, I just realized.

Other news:

  • I am so broke.
  • I bumped into Mika yesterday for the first time.
  • I have a lesbian crush on SJB again.
  • I did minimal bonding with my really Asian roommate last night.
  • I plan on making my own Halloween costume this year. Win.
  • And…
    I am returning to LA on the 14th at 1:05pm. Any readers out there (I don’t there actually are any), please don’t stalk my flight. I hope I didn’t just give you ideas.

I’d also like to add that I too am ridiculously in love, in case that wasn’t clear (which it probably wasn’t). It’s kind of the only thing keeping me going. Thank goodness for boys. Actually, thank goodness for Boy. The other ones don’t matter.

I would feel weird ending this post without a youtube video, since that seems to have been the trend for the most part. So I’m just going to keep this youtubeyness going. Here’s a spritz of happy freshness:

1. My boyfriend has taken up the habit of calling me his starshine, which just makes this song even better. 🙂
2. God damn not having a naturally beautiful voice. Shit sucks.



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