Bubba Gump Banana Cum

Still, wayyy…. tooo…. hiighhh…..

Went to Planned Parenthood today. Chyeah.

To be continued…..

And here I will continue. I just read your blog for the first time Sabrina, and it surprises me how much Andrew has changed. Wouldn’t he get super pissed at me for even thinking about doing shrooms? I feel like we have switched places in a way. I don’t drink, or smoke, or do anything EVER anymore. I’m even selling my Coachella ticket because I have no want to go anymore because of the drug scene. I can’t really talk right now though because I was BEYOND baked last night. I have a headache now…. weed hangover?

So back to what I said yesterday. I went to Planned Parenthood yesterday and got to sit there for a couple of hours, no fucking fun at all. Turns out I am allergic to condoms, so they gave me a prescription for non-latex condoms and gave me a year worth of THE pill. I’m excited………..
Can’t start until Sunday though.

It was awkward though, you know the sort of stuff I’m into? Well, the lady asked me if my boyfriend hits me, and I had to awkwardly lie. So great. 🙂


Meow, meow.
Until next time,


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