Rush, Vroom

I’m an addict.
It’s getting to the point where I probably need help but instead boyfriend and I keep getting our fix instead.
Morongo is 2 hours away, an hour and a half on a good day with no traffic.
Hollywood Park Casino, 20 minutes away.
I am sadly, young. Boyfriend getting older. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY!!)
Decided to go to Hollywood Park anyways, and had fun there instead. 🙂

Now, high-headache-hangover, the triple h, ouch, never went away. This headache actually has been here since last Saturday. Ermmm..?!

Going to a kickback at Emory’s tonight. Remember Emory? Sure has been a while. I’m a space bubble again. Why does this always happen? And no, I’m sober right now.

Starting BC tomorrow at 8:30pm. My time rocks.
Addicted to blue gatorade.
No more slim jims due to too much transfat. 😦

I think I lost my computer, or it’s playing hide-and-go seek with me.
I love my boyfriend. He took the week off for my spring break. 🙂

I miss him, when he’s right next to me, and not holding me, and playing fruit ninja instead or building a bridge like the nerdy sexy kid he is. ❤



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