Green Alien Eyes

Mine suck? Psssh. I was very content with mine last time. That was the mood I was in, scatterbrained so that’s how I typed. Since when are we competiting for best blog? I thought we were just writing what we had on mind.

On that note, I’m at Morongo again. I’m telling you, it’s a HUGE problem in our lives. This time however, I played for over 12 hours last night and am still even and we planned it so perfectly so we have a hotel room for over 24 hours. We paid one hotel rate, but technically we’ll be sleeping in this room for 2 nights. I am smart. 😛

Anywho, started BC yesterday, I’m just waiting (crossing my fingers of course nothing happens) for the side affects. Drugs are stupid. Especially prescription drugs. They even warn you about the crazy side affects and people still go through with it. It’s like people who take drugs for depression, decide they don’t need it anymore, stop taking the drug and feel more depressed than before, so claim the drug saved their life when in reality they became more dependable on the drug itself. Me no likey.

I know exactly why I write shitty blogs now. Boyfriend will see me writing one and get bored of me and want to go do something else. Most the time when I’m typing my blog I’m pressed for time. I don’t have as much free time as you do but I really want to keep writing these, even if they are shitty. So hussssh.

This hotel room is so comfy. But so lonely without boyfriend. 😦 He went to go get us breakfast because he was tired of waiting. Yes, our dependency on eachother is kind of disgusting, but I love him so we just act like it’s normal. Yee?


P.S. The title refers to the way I feel about this hotel room.


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