Damsel in Distress

I be home in less than 48 hours! I can’t wait to see the cats, boyfriend, and friends. 😀

Andrew and I have been finding more things we like doing lately. Around December, we started the habit of getting gelato together. Over spring break we decided to make dinner together and spend the rest of the night with each other, something that I really enjoyed. We got these great crackers and two cheeses: gruyere and brie. He had also picked out this Italian wine to go with dinner. For the actual dinner, we made some bomb pasta (adding a little bit of the wine to the sauce) and had a little bit of salad as well. I had also gotten some green grapes, strawberries, and whipped cream.

We’re going to do it again this Friday, because it was fucking awesome last time. It’s fun to cook together and eat together and be together. After being together for a year, we are going out on dates! We are the ever slow-moving couple, and I like it.

The other day though, it was his ex’s birthday, and I happened to see that he wished her a “Happy birthday! Have a good one” on her facebook wall. So Miss X is somewheres on the east coast at college, and boyfriend and ex don’t communicate (as far as I’m concerned, at least), and then BAM! I see a reconnection. Scary!

So I decided to get a somewhat unbiased opinion from a certain Sir Bryan in Florida who knows about boyfriend, but who does not know him. Turns out, an unbiased opinion is not what I wanted to hear. He basically exaggerated my fears by a zillion and freaked me out so much, I started crying. A little. Shhh.

After seeking advice from Sir Bryan Unhelpful, I sought a somewhat biased opinion instead. Maybe someone who actually knew Andrew would be able to share more legitimate thoughts. And so I went to the good Sir Covington. (I’m starting to imagine this as a medieval fairytale.) He suggested otherwise, that it meant nothing… which still didn’t really make me feel all that much better after being horrified by my first consultant, but it still kind of helped.

Anyway, I went to bed with terrible visions in my head of losing my beloved to some hoebag, especially since stupid boyfriend wouldn’t answer his damn phone. (And we just snapped out of my fairytale and into the 21st century. Damn it! Also, for the record, I don’t actually think that Miss X is some hoebag.)

In the morning, it was pretty much all sorted out once I talked [and cried] to Andrew through vchat. Thank goodness we communicate well and don’t argue, or else I’d probably still be all stressed out today. I can’t lose that kid, because I swear he saved my life — my knight in shining armor swooping down on a dragon of gold to save me from my lonely tower of sorrow.

Fare ye well,


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