Neon Trees Is A Band

I’m so glad this is back on. 🙂 This is the first time I am able to write a blog without any boyfriend interruptions, the Boy is at work. 😦

Anyways, first thing I want to mention is I REALLY want to change our password. As ironic as it sounds, I always forget our password, it takes me about 3 attempts to get into our account and it’s no fun to sit there trying to get the right combination. Meh.

Moving on. I think my Boyfriend is jealous of you and Andrew’s sex life. Me being all still virginish and all, I refuse to have sex on most occasions. I have to REALLY feel it in order to do it, otherwise it’s a very overall unpleasant experience for me. I think too much, it’s an issue. Did you have this problem at all at first? Were you able to fuck constantly, or did you only want to every now and then? I think it might also have to do with the fact that I’m with him, 24/7. And therefore he wants to get “busy” (I can’t believe I just called it that) 24/7. Damn my horny Boyfriend, gotta love him right?

I also want to say that I loved playing couples cranium with you also. I must say, that rebuttal (I had no idea that was how you spelt that word) was sexy.  I’m so excited that I actually have a boyfriend now who is actually reliable. No more shitty drug addict, rehab boyfriends. I’m finally with a normal guy. Double dates ftw! Did Andrew say anything about Chris? I hope they’re able to be friends, I don’t know why I feel the need for Andrew’s approval. He’s too judgemental, maybe that’s why. And I just want a nice dynamic between us all. 🙂 One happy family, yayy!

Since you and Andrew love cooking together, I say when you get back we have couple dinners. Like when Justine and Andrew double date cooked with you guys. That sounds like so much fun, and we fail at cooking on our own.
Fuck, craving apple pie thanks to you.

I finally saw Toy Story 3. Fucking amazing. I didn’t cry though. Wood is bad ass. I kinda secretely want to have an affair with him… shhhh, don’t tell.

I know this sounds stupid and retarted, because it sounds stupid and retarted to me too. But the other night, Chris and I were awake thinking about baby names. Now, I don’t want babies, and he doesn’t want babies, so why the hell were we thinking about baby names?! Ugh. I hate growing up. In a way since Chris is older, I sometimes feel like he somewhat forces me to grow up a little faster. Make time stop? Meow.

I feel like I had no time with you, that weekend went by so fast. Scary fast. School should not be in progress right now. I’m being productive today though, I went to an extra credit speech dealy about the enviroment for Earth Day. Boring as fuck, but educational I guess.  o_O

Anyways, back to baby names (I’m super tired so don’t mind the scatter and make no sense of this blog; wow. Can’t speak english). Boyfriend being a HUGE dork and all wants to name his kid, eventually or never, something referring to the universe. A planet, a star and so forth. I randomly blurted out mid half sleep that if we were to name a girl Galaxy (which I think is actaully a pretty dope name) she would most likely go by Lexy, which is also not bad. I like it. Heh. Our kids (that never will exist) are going to hate us I think. We should NEVER be parents. (I kind of can’t wait to find our blog years from now when we actually do have children. Ugh. I love contradicting myself.)

We also saw Megamind the other night. It was boring the second time so I have no idea how you watched that movie 3 times in a row. My favorite part of the entire thing is when Rosie says “gangsta”, priceless.

I’m sure you don’t want to read me rambling anymore so I’m going to just say that now that you’re gone, even though I didn’t get to see much of you while you were here, I miss you. Makes me realize that you’re not as close as you could be. Come back to hell #1? PLEEEASE.


P.S. Why is ‘Neon’ a reocurring topic name in your blogs?
P.P.S. I have not heard any songs by Neon Trees. Just saw that they are performing at Bonnaroo this year.


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