Expert Texpert Choking Smokers

Happy 420! I’m high, are you? I’m glad I got today in our cycle.

First of all, the neon. I hadn’t even realized that that was a trend. The first post “Neon Mustaches” was in reference to Katie’s shroom experience. Last post (“Neon in Young Lovers’ Eyes) is a line from “Where Do I Go?” in HAIR, from which I’ve stolen a lot of my titles, I think.

I got a nice big nug last night: Pineapple Wreck — a blend of Pineapple Express and Train Wreck. I also did a little bit of weed bonding with my… guy (dealer is too intense of a word) and his friend who lives on my floor. I pass by him all the time and see him in my bathroom, but I still don’t know his name. Everyone knows my name. It’s 3 weeks before the end of the semester, and I seriously don’t know anyone’s name. So sad.

In response to your question about whether or not Andrew likes Chris, I have no idea. We didn’t talk about you guys. So what I want to know now is exactly how much Chris knows about my sex life! What exactly do you mean “he’s jealous”?Yo! I don’t talk about your sex life to Andrew! Anyway, what the hell is wrong with you? Sex is GOOD, NOT an unpleasant experience. I don’t remember having the same experience as you. When we finally did do it, I don’t think we fucked that much, but also, we didn’t see each other as often as we started to later.

And Woody’s a DICK. I don’t know what the appeal is. I like Buzz better. He’s funny in Spanish. And he’s got good taste in girls. Jessie > Bo Peep.

Also, don’t name any future kids Galaxy. That is close to child abuse.

So… I don’t really know what else to say since I’m pretty baked.

I really want to steal this book that this chick in the cafe has, The Philosophy of Sex and Love. It looks interesting.

Lion King is holy.

Blaze on,

P.S. I need more casual dresses.

P.P.S. DUDE I NEED A JOB. PLEASE HELP ME GET ONE. I don’t really know how you would do that though.

P.P.P.S. We were able to watch Megamind a kajillion times because we were high every single time. L.O.L. Smiley face.


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