La la land

I’m so glad you finally found the strength to write your post, I’ve missed you a shitload. And you’re right, LA life is by far not all that interesting either. I need an adventure, a stage dooring adventure. I need to cry my eyes out in front of Brian and Kait and at the same time feel welcomed. We need a moment, pronto, because I’m one straw away from breaking down, hardcore.

Anyways, I’m obsessed with Weeds. So fucking obsessed. Every time I’m in a new group of friends I ask everyone if they watch it, and to my surprise, NO POT HEAD WATCHES WEEDS. What is wrong with people these days?! That show is so fucking intense, MLP is a sexy dark eyed God, and I actually had a dream that my mom was Nancy, and she was raising our family on selling the goods. Good fucking dream.

My life sucks. I’m depressed I think. I don’t ever want to do anything. I don’t want to go to school. I fight with my boyfriend 24/7. I just want out. You’re coming back in 4 days, and I’m leaving in less than a month. I have to get out of this city, it’s bringing me down and I can’t face it anymore. I’m lucky to have such a great, supportive boyfriend. But we fight too much, and I blame the atmosphere, and if it’s not the atmosphere’s fault than maybe there will be no more me and Chris…… but I choke up just thinking that.

Now I have no motivation to finish.


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