Reddy Freddy

First and penultimate final is DONE. One more tomorrow and I’m DONE DONE. Then I’m out of this shit place and into the shit place with nice weather. Yay.

I love LA. I love all that it offers, and I even like the people. I just don’t like that my family is there. If LA was everything that it is right now but without my family, it would be my favorite place in the world. Besides Italy, because Italy is too awesome. Actually LA is my favorite place, but it just also happens to be one of my least favorite places right now, because pretty much everywhere is my least favorite place right now. I guess that sucks.

If you move to Santa Cruz, then at least it will be a hell of a lot easier to see each other when I’m back in Berkeley than it is when you’re in LA. That probably made no grammatical sense, but I’m sure your spidey senses interpreted that fine.

I’m super stoked to pack up my shit. I’ve had moving boxes in here since Friday, just waiting tantalizingly for me to put them together and fill them up with crap. I bought packing tape today so that I can magically transform the simple cardboard into a magnificent box… or into a ball gown, which would be super bomb too. Now I just need to do laundry tonight so that all my clothes can be sparkly clean.

Except that I just started my period today, so everything takes ten times more effort. Walking my hamper full of dirty clothes down to the laundry room… walking back up the stairs to my room… going back down half an hour later to load my wet clothes into the dryer… walking back up the stairs to my room… going back down an hour later to retrieve my clothes… and hauling my clean, dry clothes back up the stairs to my room. I don’t think I can do that. That sounds so difficult right now. I don’t want to think about getting dinner either. That sounds just as challenging.

And Weeds is awesome, isn’t it? MLP is suuuuch a MILF. She’s so hot. I also had a couple weedy dreams while I was watching the show. But I’m all caught up on that show, so now I’m watching Dexter, which is also pretty good (also a Showtime series), but not as enjoyable as Weeds, in my opinion. The characters aren’t as good (besides Dexter himself), and it’s kind of scary. When I finished the first season, I knew I was going to have bloody dreams that night… and I did.

I’m rambling about nothing, by the way.

So why do you guys fight? And what about? And what about LA specifically is making it a yucky environment?

Also, I think if we perfectly recreated Cinco de Mayo 2010, life would be awesome. Mexican food + Easter Bundy + Vaporizer + Beer pong + IHOP the next morning = Fepic win.

That’s all.

See you in 2 days. Or 3.


P.S. I hope you enjoyed my blog. I worked very hard on it.

P.P.S. I think this guy in my building randomly started hitting on me. I swear I never noticed this dude before, but all of a sudden he’s been saying hi to me and smiling every time we pass by each other. And it’s like one of those kind of smile-and-hellos where you can tell that they are making a point to do it, and not just being polite. The same people have been saying hi to me all year, and now suddenly this guy is too. Wtf. I don’t get it.


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