Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (in tune)

I’m so very envious of you. I’m so done with school, I feel like momentarily I’m just going through the motions by my mind turned off a while back. I just can’t find the motivation to get anything done anymore, my fuel is empty. Fuck, school.

On a brighter note, boyfriend and I are no longer fighting. I think we were both really stressed out last week. Ken made things really difficult with the living situation and life has just been sinking deeper and deeper. LA is a poo place right now because I know too many people. Boyfriend is extremely overprotective (which I secretly love), but it has gotten us into many stupid disputes. I got a text from Daniel the other day saying “I miss you, babe.” and of course Chris was a tad bit irritated by it, but since I live in this stupid city, we ran into Daniel that same day. Things like that just cause too many problems. And on top of it all, this city makes it impossible for two college students to afford any suitable living situation, so moving is the best option.

Wait, so are you going back to Berkeley next semester? I thought for sure you were not going to let that happen at all. But I kind of hope that you do….. we’ll be super close and I’m sure when we’re not too busy, boyfriend wouldn’t mind driving up there so we can have best friend time. Or maybe even go to San Francisco and see something awesome.

I want to see you ASAP. Maybe tomorrow? Are you having a “family” thing or do you think you’ll be able to go to Andrew’s tomorrow night? I think that would be fun. Boyfriend actually has the day off tomorrow so another cranium night seems like the best thing in the world right now, I need to forget about the stupid things in life for a second and just have fun with you again.

I’m very proud of your blog. Good job. 😛
I’m not a very good blogger lately. It’s hard to blog when you’re borderline depressed. The other day I told Chris he’s the only reason I’m not suicidal…. it’s sad. I’ve never been suicidal but lately I could careless about being alive or not. Days are boring most the time, and so repetitive. Makes me not want to blog.



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