So admittedly (and obviously) I forgot about this blog for about a week. I only just read your last post.

Once again, I don’t really have anything to say. My brain decidedly got up and walked away, so now I’m left with a vacuous skull and some lazy bones. Ah, summer. I especially don’t know what to write about since we’ve seen each other six days in a row now, giving us a chance to talk, catch up, and play random stupid games where we get to be god of a mythical world. What is a thunderbird exactly?

So today is Friday. I did my usual LA Friday thing. I woke up at 7am, took my sister to school, drove back, took a nap till 11am, watched Bones — which thankfully wasn’t too spoiled by my mom — took a shower, ate at some point, picked my sister up, drove her back, did nothing for 3 hours. Now I’m writing this. “This.” T-H-I-S, this. Thhhhhissss.

It sounds weird now, huh?

Shit, man. That’s all for now. I’ve got no juice left.



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