Shine on Me Again

So imagine a door.
It slams into your face unexpectedly when someone on the other side bursts through.
Congratulations, you now have a bump on your forehead.
Feel that bump?

I’ve got about four of those on my body. Swelling from being hit too many times. Ouch. There’s a tiny one on the edge of my hairline. There’s another on the right side of my head. The back of my neck hurts the same way, but I don’t think there’s a physical bump. And finally, the biggest and best of all, there is one large swollen area on my tramp stamp spot. This one hurts the most, all the time, when I walk, when I bend down, when I sit, when I touch it, and when I think about it.


Sex, that’s what. Ohhhhh man.

I don’t even know how it happened! How did it happen? All I remember is playing King’s Cup, wanting to be burned, having the hots for you, and next moment I’m in the jacuzzi, and suddenly Andrew and I are the only ones in the hot tub.

I’d say that the thing I remember most distinctly about that moment was holding his face in my hands and explaining myself to him and apologizing. I said that he had such beautiful spirit and I felt so bad for damaging it. More of that blah blah blah. And then I remember after the jacuzzi, him telling me to stop apologizing.

My next memory was doing funky stuff in the steam room. I’m pretty sure we fucked, and I’m pretty sure I tried to blow him, and I think I failed at both. And presto! My lovely painful bumps are born. And then I remember saying, “It’s too hot, it’s too hot! Can we go on the bed?”

And then I woke up naked next to him.

Please help me fill in the gaps! What I want to know most is how it all even started. How/why did we hook up in the first place?

And as for the rest of it, I really don’t remember getting into different clothes or getting naked. No idea when/how that all happened. I don’t remember when everyone left. I do remember asking you a billion times if I had taken my pill.

So right now is Monday morning. After sleeping through the night and recharging my brain, what happened on Saturday night seems SO UNREAL. I really can’t believe that happened. It feels so much like I dreamt it, especially since the dreams I had last night were so realistic (one of them included my employers considering firing me for being a horrible employee because I swirled a yogurt really badly, which did happen yesterday — the assistant manager was not happy that I was about to top it off for a customer). So now, it seems so far away and like it didn’t really happen.

Andrew and I haven’t talked since Sunday morning, when he woke up for a brief second while I was leaving to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I just texted him though: “Hey. I like you.”

Hoping and waiting for a response! 🙂

P.S. Mushu is basically just a Chinese dish. -___-


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