Boom, Crash!

Damn girl, you definitely had a magical night!
So I was there, for 90% of the time, but I can tell you I don’t recall too much either. I thought I was less drunk then you, and I know I was less drunk than you but that does NOT mean I was sober.

I think I remember most, I was at least trying to be coherent the entire time for Chris’s sake and for the most part it worked. But my memory, has definitely either blocked things out, or completely forgot.

Now, if you’re wondering if you fucked in the steam room. You did. No doubt about it. The noises were clear enough and I know I was happy for you. πŸ™‚

I was so excited to fill you in on things but there’s not much I can fill you in on. Chris filled me in on things, apparently I ended up crying hard core while you were upstairs because of “daddy issues” which I hardly remember. So like I said, I was definitely not as sober or coherent as I thought I was.

I remember having that major hots for you first, then having the hots for me second and then finally having the hots for my sexy boyfriend to the point where I was his submissive bitch even in a public setting. At one point he took me into the guest bedroom, told me to drop off my knees, and take off my shirt. I began taking off my bra and was scolded for not listening, that he never asked me to take my bra off and then continued to take it off himself. I remember blowing him from the ground (first for me), and then climbing on top of him lying on the bed. I ignored my gag reflexes to the point where I almost puked and that took me out of it and I told him if I continued, he would be sorry. Ick.

Anyways, that was me that night. Just as sexy and trampy as you. We’re such whores. I love you. Again, I hope no one reads this. πŸ˜€

As a filler, and also to mention I’m the best friend ever, I definitely got you dressed. I was being super motherly and responsible over you even though I was drunk out of my mind. You are cared for. πŸ™‚

So ermm. Mushu is awesome, even if just a dish.

Now on to my life.
It sucks. School fucking sucks. Actually, school isn’t all that bad but getting into classes really really sucks. So far I have 3 classes that I’m 100% registered into. They are Music Theory 101, Jazz Improvisation and Human Sexuality. It sounds like I’m a music major and I barely play. The jazz improv class definitely requires more skills than I have so I’m a bit nervous but the teacher is pretty fucking awesome. He’s a saxophone player, and is fucking great at it. I think he understands I know less than I should, but he said he’s down to work with me anyways, so hey, HIS fault if I fall behind.

My all time favorite class that I have so far, by far, is Human Sexuality. I honestly had no idea what kind of class it was, I just crashed it. It’s basically a class about sex, I’m not even kidding. He even stated that it has been proven that by taking his class, you WILL improve in sex, it’s a guarantee. πŸ˜›

First day in, he writes down a bunch of words on the class and told us to say the words aloud as a class. These words were: Penis, Vagina, Testicles, Clitoris, Sex, Intercourse, Vulva, Vaginal Juices and so forth. Fun, fucking class. And the teacher is pretty hilarious. He said he’s going to explore the kink side too so I’m a little bit excited. πŸ™‚

I’m tired. And want to finish my dinner so I’ll leave you at that. You got me really curious about what’s the deal with you and Andrew, doesn’t sound good and I’m scared. Hope you’re alright!



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