Holding Her Hand Like Some Little Tease

I’m also writing this blog at 1am. For some reason I thought I was an hour late, but turns out I’m just an hour into my day. Reading your blogs always bring me joy and understanding, no matter what they’re about. I always feel more calm and at ease after reading your blog and I believe this is the most therapeutic blog we have started.

I kind of do remember how your make-out/fuck session started. You were kind of overly touchy with Andrew. Being drunk is plenty of a good excuse though, but I do remember telling you to back off, but maybe it was good that you didn’t. 😛

He would be talking to Chris and you would be behind him, reaching in front, grabbing his junk basically while he was trying to have a man-to-man conversation. You kept teasing, and kissing his hears and neck. You kept groping and basically violated his space. You’re really lucky he was drunk because it could’ve turned out really badly, but I think it turned out just right. 🙂

I can’t tell you what Andrew wants, because quite frankly, Andrew doesn’t know what Andrew wants. I know he has feelings for you, but I also know that he’s listening to his gut right now, and NOT his heart. The man is stubborn, as I’m sure you already know, so it might take a while for him to be in that vulnerable place again where he can follow what his heart really wants.

You sound to be good, I miss you. I miss being a girl with you, I miss getting excited over things. I finally added another class, I’m also very excited for this one. It’s a “Voice for the Actor” class, and my teacher seems pretty awesome. He reminds me of a shorter, older version of Austin. He has the same qualities in the way he presents himself. He’s chill.

I texted you earlier stating that Fullerton College has awesome programs! I want to talk about those now. There are so many different programs where you can audition for paid gigs, but I don’t know much about them so I won’t talk about them now. Just like SMC, I have to see the productions. This year they’re performing Pride and Prejudice (eh.), Equus (which I’m excited for), and the spring musical is Spring Awakening (should I audition? :P). Just felt like letting you know.

Anyways, awesome programs!
Well, there are two travelling programs, and they are both worth 2 units. The first one is from December 29th – January 4th. Being around my birthday I don’t really wish to attend, but basically a few students are going to NYC to live on Broadway and are attending shows basically every night until the have to go home. I think it’s pretty chill.

The second traveling program is the same concept of living on Broadway, but instead of flying to NYC, they are flying to London and seeing plays there during spring break. I really, really want to do this. Chris wants to do it too so I think we’re both going to sign up for that. 🙂 I’m not entirely sure how expensive but I think FAFSA has me covered. 😉

Now the next one I REALLY want to do. It’s full, but I’m going to show up tomorrow with my $100 check and hope to get a spot (maybe someone forgot their money :P). Anyways, it’s about $180 but it’s a 3 unit class where all you do is go on field trips and write play reviews. I think they’re going to see about 12 plays this semester and are traveling to LA, and all around Orange County to different play houses. It sounds freaking awesome. Basically a class on being a play critique without the class part, just the play seeing! I’m like super down. And I did the math and that is only $15 a play, and I’m almost positive they are going to be good seats! GAH. I really hope someone drops out.

In my music theory class today we learned about different instruments and he talked to us like we have never seen a clarinet or cello before. 😛 But besides the point, we talked about the different types of saxophone players, either soprano, alto, tenor and so on. And there was a range called ‘bari’. I know I’m not supposed to be thinking along these lines, but when I have children, I think I want to give the middle name Bari to my little girl to represent my dad. Is that weird? Should that be strictly a guys name? I think the spelling is more girlish in my opinion. Chris thinks it should be for our son, but I think that’s too close to home for some reason. Let me know what you think.

I haven’t fucked my boyfriend in like 2 weeks… and I’ve been super screwy on my birth control. I miss him inside me!! 😦


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