Something You Keep in a Box on the Street

Hi friend. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a tiny bit.

Ah, so where to begin? Well first, I guess I’ll comment on your poem. It’s so funny how it fits you so well, especially with the Asian husband thing. That made me laugh. Good choice. I wish I could see you do it though, because honestly I think the most acting I’ve seen you do was in the Fiddler video from your childhood. Poo that.

Changing topics to my life, I’m not sure what to start with. Ha.

Well, two days ago, I told you that Andrew and I had some funky moments with each other. We almost had sex. And it started like this:

I came back to his house after finding out from work that they put me down on the schedule wrong and that I was actually supposed to have the day off.

First, he forced me to give him a massage (not that I didn’t want to…). We started off on the floor, him on his stomach and me sitting on his butt. After a few minutes of my magical touch, he squirmed a bit and said, “Maybe we should move onto the couch.” So we did. Little did I know it was because he was getting a boner. A couple minutes passed of more massaging (he really dug the head massage, apparently), and then suddenly our positions changed, and I don’t even remember how that happened. He was on his back now, and I was on my back laying on his legs. So basically he had a perfect view of my crotch (and of course I was wearing shorts). And with a perfect view of my crotch came, “I can see your pubes.”

He scooted up so that my crotch-hole region was on top of his. And so did the naughties begin. Him: “You wanna fuck just for the fuck of it? I’m really horny right now.” Me: “Not if you don’t want to.” Pause. Then we basically had sex without the sex and with all of our clothes on.

We weren’t drunk this time, but we were both pretty high. And afterward, it wasn’t awkward at all. He still played with me — tickling, poking, head bonking, etc. — and it was all good.

Yesterday, I had planned on taking him to the Secret Spot at the abandoned school. He had broken his phone the night before by dropping it in the jacuzzi, so getting a hold of him was a little difficult, especially since my internet went out as well. So at 6pm, when I went to go see my sister, I used her computer to tell him on fb that I was coming over. Of course he didn’t see that, so he was a little grumpy when I woke him up from his nap.

We didn’t really do anything for the next two hours except for watch The Fighter on TV with Belal. By the time the movie was over, Rosa was there too. Now, Andrew obviously doesn’t understand the concept of “secret” because he invited everyone to come to Secret Spot, including Gabe who was there later. And Evan found out too. No one seemed to want to go that night though, so it was better in the end. Rosa was all sketched out by smoking in an abandoned school, and since he started sketching out about it, the others were a little sketched out too.

So instead, I’m going to take Andrew next week whenever I have a night off again (although he starts school on Monday, so I dunno how this is going to work out).

Anyway, by the time it was 11:30 or 12, everyone left except for Belal, who was napping in the reclining armchair. Andrew got me doing another head massage for him, with his head resting in my lap as I watched Avatar. I massaged him to sleep, and Avatar ended. What to do?

I could not figure out how to get another episode of Avatar on for the life of me. In fact, I couldn’t operate any part of the TV, so I just kind of sat there for a few minutes with Andrew snoring on my lap and B passed out in the armchair.

I really didn’t want to go home at that point, especially since it was 1am already. I remembered that I was supposed to babysit my sis in the morning anyway (which is 5-10 minutes away from Andrew’s), so I decided to sleep over. I had all my Pinkberry stuff conveniently with me. I woke Andrew up for a second to ask if I could sleep over, and he said yes. Yay!

The only problem was that he was on the couch, and I was not about to sleep in the guest bedroom like an awkward person. So of course I decided to take charge and sleep in his bed. I just hoped it wouldn’t be super awkward when he woke up at his usual 3am to come to bed to find me there. Without a bra on. Or pants.

But it was all cool in the end. We even cuddled a little bit, and I could tell he had a boner in the morning. I remember at one point in the night or morning he asked me why I took the bed, and all I said was, “Because it’s so comfy :-)” in my happy sleepy voice. I guess that was good enough for him.

I don’t even know what else to say except for 😀

All is good. Dare I wish for more?


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