As Long As You’re Mine

Sorry about failing last night. Brenda spent the night and so I definitely lost track of time.

I woke up puking this morning, loads of fun.
On to a brighter note. We, are fucking awesome. Yesterday Brenda and I started watching all our old videos, and then went on to the 6epic people videos and that shit was actually really hilarious. I used to be so rude to Brenda lol! I want to start doing something like that, even though some days (like today) I’m even to tired to write a blog, but I think having challenges might be fun. Challenges we have to film and put it on the blog? Idk. We’ll work something out if we have the time for it. 🙂 Maybe one challenge a week or something. Just a thought.

Today was a super super long day. It’s Monday, meaning I’m at school from 12-9pm (with gymnastics) so by the end of it I feel like I want to die.

I love my boyfriend. I always feel so distant from him though whenever someone else in the picture. Brenda slept over two nights, and so I feel like I barely know my boyfriend anymore. 😦 We have to bond again because I really really miss my closeness to him.

You know how that guy asked me us to the beach? Well, I never got the invite, although I’m almost 85% sure he did text me, and Chris deleted it before I saw it…
I don’t know what I’m going to do about it if that’s the case. The reason I sort of think so is because Kyle (the guy) added me on FB on Sunday, I got the text update so I feel like he was somewhat trying to get a hold of me so we could all go to the beach. I might be wrong, but it sort of feels that way.

Brenda and I started watching a show called “Dead Like Me”. The few episodes we saw were pretty stupid but there was an epic part where the girl, who is now “undead”/grim reaper, she basically takes souls from people who are about to die. Anyways, she asked if trees had souls, and if they do, would she be able to free them or whatever and I thought it was the most epic part of the entire series (even though we only saw the first 4 episodes). But dude, trees.

I am so sleepy. I hope you see Andrew soon.
I don’t know how to say this, but sometimes I think Andrew is being a horny indecisive guy. Like, for some reason I have a bad feeling in the back of my mind that he only sticks around some days because he knows he can get some from you. So maybe you should be playing hard to get right now? You do act pretty desperate for his attention (while you’re drunk at least, duh) so it’s almost like he’s taking advantage because he’s horny and not even really processing that he was once in love with you. Like it scares me, that as soon as another chick even slightly flirts or shows interest he wouldn’t hesitate to get down with someone else. And I don’t think you’re ready to handle that. I might be wrong, but I know how it feels to see the guy I “like” *cough* Blake, with another girl. Remember, seeing him fuck Chynna was what got me completely over him, but I think it would just kill you instead. So be careful.

Sorry for ending this on a glum note. I’m just tired, and miss my dude. He’s playing some video game and I really just want to snuggle up next to him. I’m so fucking lucky and I definitely need to stop taking it for granted.


EDIT: So I went out to snuggle with him. Turns out he’s playing a computer game and doesn’t feel like snuggling. I feel hurt and rejected and I want to cry. I haven’t seen him all day, but obviously his game is more important at this time. I’m just going to go to bed by myself tonight. I’m sad, and hurt by him. I hate that he can’t even see it. Whatever, fuck it. I love you. I miss you.



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