But Don’t You Remember?

First thing I want to say: my ring fingers are definitely longer than my pointer fingers. That is random.

Looking back on our blogs, slanded1 and slanded2, I can see that… shit is crazy, man. Our first blogs from Deeply Shallow were completely all about our awesome theater adventures. All our blogs from Deeply Shallow: Never Neverland now are pretty much ALL about being in love. My blogs from a few months ago, though, were poisoned with pain and resentment. I don’t even remember what yours were about. (I didn’t actually read over our blogs just now, by the way. I was just thinking about them.)

I think it’s kind of cute and funny that all we talk about is how in love we both are, even though our situations are totally different. I swear we talk about it as if a whole lot has changed between posts. We can talk endlessly about it. And guess what. I’m probably going to end up talking about it again, because I’m a dork who loves love.

So here’s what’s going on in my love life: I’m basically still waiting for Andrew to make the next move and hit me up or something. I actually saw him on Tuesday, but super briefly, because we (Isaiah, Barrett, Brenda, and I) were just picking up weed from him. It’s even harder to try and chill with him now since he started school on Monday. And since we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, I don’t exactly know his schedule. And since I work also, we’re like never going to see each other. F my life, man.

The world is interfering with my love life. But like, the dumb part of the world, not the awesome part of the world. Man! This is stupid.

I just want him back!! DUUUUDE! Is that too much to ask for?! For two souls that are secretly mates to be freaking soul mates?! GOOOOSHHHH.

I can’t think of anything else proper to say now. I’m all frustrated and riled up. And horny. And ugh. I’m on my period, the worst time ever to want something you can’t have. Seriously, this shit is retarded.

Anyway, last night, I was high and super wanting Andrew, so I wrote that cheesy poem I was talking about before. By the way, that still seems like a decent idea to sober me. Let me know what you think. Hahaha! I like my poem. I think it’s cute. It’s kind of “10 Things I Hate About You” status. Just in format though. It doesn’t really have a title yet. So I guess I’ll just leave you with it:

I miss the way you look at me,
I miss it when you stare.
I miss those pretty eyes of blue
I miss it when they cared.

I miss your smelly furniture,
The dog hair on the rug.
I miss the way you smell so nice
When you give me a hug.

I miss the way you bite my cheek
Just like your silly cat.
I miss it when you’re drunk as fuck
And let me wear your hat.

I miss it when you poke my side
And when you grab my knee.
I miss the way you sneak attack
And zap me with your chi.

But most of all I miss the way
You whispered in my ear,
“I love you more than anything.
You are beautiful, my dear.”




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