Love Is A Many Splendid Thing

I suck. I know I do. Me and my blogging skills haven’t exactly been up to par. I feel like dedicating this blog to being primarily a journal, I feel the need to recap my day.

I woke up this morning feeling EXTREMELY horny. That never happens to me (boyfriend and I haven’t had sex in about a month). I’m weird, and anti horny, I wish I craved sex like most people, dammit!

Anyways, on to this morning. Chris had already left for work, and I had work, but no ride, so I was basically “on call” (whenever George was able to pick me up). I woke up because I was on my stomach and I was humping the bed… yeah, pretty awkward. I’m glad I was home alone. I quickly texted Chris and told him I was super horny and asked permission to touch myself, permission was granted but I honestly fail at getting myself off. Grr.

Anyways, apparently Chris touched me in my sleep that night. Probably why I woke up all heated. I honestly wish Chris was there, so that we could actually get  it on for the first time in forever. Fail.

Work was lame. Didn’t do anything.

After work I got to figure out how to pay rent. I had just got $1388 from FAFSA, and so I figured the government was going to pay my rent this month. We went to a 7eleven to try to get a money order for our $930 rent. They only take cash. So we went to a Western Union, they only take cash also. So we went across the street to a BofA to take out the $930, but $500 was the limit on my card. :K They make it so difficult!

The BofA peeps were super helpful and told us we can get a money extension if we just walk up to the counter, so we did that but for some reason I left my ID in the scanner and so they weren’t able to do that for us. Unfortunately by that point it was 6:05, and the closed at 6:00pm so we were basically screwed. Luckily, there was another BofA inside of an Albertsons and so we got our rent money. YAY!

Wow, I just realized I wrote my blog primarily about adult stuff. Lame. Anwyays, we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. 🙂 And then invited this guy Mike, and his girlfriend over to play monopoly. They brought they’re own monopoly game over though, it was basically the same thing except it was World Edition, and we used credit cards (no cash, it was in the millions) and there was this super cool machine that would make all the transactions for us. It was epic.

I’m sleepy, and trying to recap, and failing. Boyfriend is sitting right next to me and we’ve been having a deep discussion about why we try so hard for eachother. Why do we? Love is a crazy thing, but hey, it’s worth it. 🙂


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