Because The Wind Is High It Blows My Mind

That’s awesome. You have WAY more sex than I do, and you’re not even in a committed relationship. Scandalous. šŸ˜›

Anyways, I’m home from school right now because my boyfriend is awesome enough to pick me up and take me home, and take me back for my 7pm class. It’s 102 (or so) degrees today. I hate it. It’s hot and dry and yucky.

I have so much Chinese homework.

Wow, I clearly have nothing to say.
I want to get high. Really, really badly. Boyfriend is planning on getting a club card in the next few days and I’m overly excited. I think we’re going to start growing after he gets his paycheck. šŸ™‚ Win. You need to come over and bless our plant so it can be dank.

Dank is such a silly word.

I brought up how amazing trees are the other day with a few people and then they started making fun of me for it. Saying things like: “I would stop ripping the leaves on the ground if I were you, the trees are going to be mad.” Basically mocked me. I need friends who actually understand. Grr, I need you.

I haven’t mentioned this in any of my previous blogs, but the lifestyle Chris and I pursue has been crumbling badly. He hasn’t been my “Master” since school started basically, and I think the last time I was actually spanked in any form was uhh… you get the point.

But last night we spent time typing up an entire contract. Since you’re you, and no one reads our blog (we need to make it private if we haven’t yet), I figured I would post our contract. šŸ˜› Lol.

I, __________, hereinafter give up my mind, body and soul to __________ and will be ā€œforeverā€ submissive unless otherwise agreed upon, or any violations of contract stated below.

I, ____________, hereinafter will take proper care of my submissive, ___________, and promise to always consider her limits and expectations.


  1. It is the duty of kitten to please Master.
  2. kitten is required to obey all commands given by Master, within the constraints of this document.
  3. kitten agrees to show an attitude of respect at all times. Disrespect in any form is a serious offense and will not be taken lightly.

*Respect includes but are not limited to: manner of speech, promptness, proper answers, obedience, loyalty and honesty.

  1. kitten shall address Master with appropriate name at all times.
  2. kitten shall pay full attention to Master when being spoken to.
  3. kitten will sit, stand, walk, kneel and lay where, when and how Master desires.
  4. kitten shall conduct herself to never bring shame or embarrassment to Masterā€™s name or reputation.
  5. kitten will strive to overcome feelings of guilt or shame, and all inhibitions that interfere with her capability to serve Master and limit her grown as Masterā€™s submissive.
  6. kitten shall strive to be aware of Masterā€™s expectations without needing to be told.
  7. 10. Ā kitten shall reveal her thoughts, feelings and desires without hesitation or embarrassment.
  8. 11. Ā kitten shall inform Master of wants and perceived needs and recognize that Master is the sole judge of whether or how these needs/wants shall be met.
  9. 12. Ā kitten shall strive toward maintaining a positive self-image and development of realisticĀ  expectations and goals.


  1. kitten will be unconditionally available to Master during the agreed upon arrangements.
  2. kitten agrees that her body belongs to Master; to be used as Master sees fit within the guidelines defined herein.
  3. kitten agrees to please Master to the best of her ability.

SAFE WORDS: Yellow (caution), Red (stop)

  1. kitten is allowed a safe word in all activities when necessary and Master must respect the use of said safe word.
  2. If a condition arises in which kitten needs to use a safe word, Master will stop the scenario and assess the situation and determine an appropriate course of action with extended aftercare.
  3. Once kitten has recovered, the issues causing the use of the safe word will be discussed and a mutual arrangement for the future will be agreed upon.
  4. kitten agrees to feel pain, which is part of the training process, it is aĀ  necessary component.


  1. kitten will not accept of invite any act of discipline from anyone but Master. Any such attempts will be brought to the attention of Master as quickly as possible and dealt with in a way Master sees fit.
  2. The method and type of discipline, with the exception of abuse, is the sole responsibility of Master. kitten must accept whatever Master chooses within the constraints of this document.
  3. Master will use His good judgment and fairness in deciding on the form of discipline, taking kittenā€™s limitations into consideration.
  4. kitten will keep an accurate record on both the act that created the need for discipline and the punishment that was earned.
  5. Once the discipline has been completed, kitten will be forgiven and the cause forgotten.
  6. All discipline will be fair and never without cause. If kitten has displeased Master as a result of Master not being clear on His rules and/or instructions, then no discipline is justified or will be given.
  7. All discipline will always ā€œfit the crimeā€.


At NO time will the relationship involve the following:

1. children

2. animals

3. abuse (mental or physical)

4. scat

5. life-threatening

6. body mutilation (including piercing, tattoos and branding).

7. blood play


  1. Protect and defend the honor and name of kitten.
  2. Insure that kitten never feels ignored or neglected.
  3. Maintain an honest and faithful relationship with kitten.
  4. To assume absolute and total control of kittenā€™s mind, soul and body, and therefore her development into the true submissive she desires to be.
  5. Take initiative.

I, __________, offer my submission to __________ under the terms stated above.

Signature of kitten _____________________________________________

I, _________, offer my acceptance of __________ submission, under the terms stated above.

Signature of Master _____________________________________________

Well, that’s that.
Your art is freaking awesome. I would join in but I don’t have artistic talent. I envy you.


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