Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right

I feel like I JUST posted. I won’t have time to do this before work, and I work till 12am, so I have to do it now. I guess I’ll just update you on what’s happened since I posted earlier.

While I was writing the blog yesterday, I was finishing watching Across the Universe with Brenda at my house. I don’t like it as much as I used to, but I still like it a lot. Some scenes are really, really good, and some scenes are just eh. It’s weird. And since I just saw it a few hours ago, “Because” has been on my mind. That scene is one of my favorites, and that song is one of my favorites, period.

After we finished the movie, we met up with Barrett and Isaiah and agreed to go to the abandoned school and clean the auditorium until chilling time at night. It was so much fun cleaning that school. We had music on, we got rid of the ants (yuck!), swept the floors, Febrezed the chairs, cleaned up the tables, and organized shit. We even made use of a few found treasures: a working TV, a working DVD-and-VCR player, a couch (that is slightly broken, but fixable), and a working mini fridge. We modified a poster into “We Love You,” and Barrett found a giant world map. We’re also going to get some dry erase markers for the whiteboards we set up.

This place is now the chillest place ever. We named it Pride Rock after we had a Lion King orgyfest when “The Circle of Life” played on my iPod. Pride Rock is so clean, so cozy, and so awesome. Next time we come back, we’re going to take care of the playground and clean the toilet that we found right in the auditorium area.

We all realized how awesome our lives were and how FRICKIN awesome it was that we are all friends together. We are family for ever. We will be there for each other always. We compared ourselves to That 70’s Show and Friends, but then realized that we are even more awesome than those shows.

I love them, and I love you. I can’t wait to see you soon. We are The Group — always and forever, in sickness and in health.




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