If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out!

I’m seeing you tonight!!!

I’m like super, super, super excited. Like SUPER excited. I’ve been missing you more than ever lately. I’M SO EXCITED!!

I’m so completely excited that I have nothing else on my mind besides seeing your lovely face. I do have bad news though.

Probably won’t make it to LA next weekend for Lion King. I had to beg my uncle to go to LA tonight, because he is super stuck on the fact that I have tomorrow which is retarded. He finally let me, but that probably means I won’t be getting next Friday off at all, and since Chris is working it’s just unlikely that I’ll be able to get there. But at least I’m here this weekend? 🙂

It’s going to be hard though. Chris won’t be there with me and I’m going to miss him a shit load. So we better bond epically the entire time (I hate your jobs right now). Don’t work too much. 😦 I guess you can’t help it.

Dude, I want to see the pictures you draw. I was excited to see them and you didn’t post the two days. Do that.

Uh. Fuck. I fail a lot.

I liked Across the Universe just as much I think. Only thing is, I think most of the scenes are too long and slow and they could’ve done it differently. But visually it’s breath taking. I adore it.

I’ve been watching South Park and Arrested Development. I think I’m on the 10th episode of season 1 on both. I really enjoy South Park. I wish I were high though, it would make it more enjoyable. Chris still has yet to get his club card. That shit is pricey when you’re broke.

Chris has a hookah. I like smoking with him. It’s fun. You should come over and smoke with us sometimes. 🙂
Apologizing now for such a lame blog but I honestly have not much to say except for:



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