There’s No Escaping Your Love

I’m going to start from a few blogs back. The blog where you decided on writing a sappy/cute/lovey poem similar to the 10 things I hate about you one.

Well, that really motivated me to watch the movie, as you know. Last night I saw the movie with Chris and realized I don’t like Julia Stiles acting in it at all, and didn’t like the movie as much, but definitely still got teary eyed during the poem. I love that poem. Just had to mention that.

I also love your continuation poem. I love it so much that I read Andrew’s and your poem to Chris just a few minutes ago. Chris loved it and all he said was: “She has to show Andrew that if she hasn’t already.” So you better do so, and let me know what happens.

Now, I want to apologize for leaving. I feel like you of all people would understand (and might even hate me more for it). When you left for Berkeley, and we were at that frat party, and you felt out of place, and creeped out that guys were hitting on you and all you wanted to be with Andrew and so drunk bawled…. well that was me Saturday night minus the crying.

I won 9 games of BP in a row, and had a shot of cheap gin (nasty, btw) earlier that night. I definitely drank more than my usual limit, but since I promised Chris I wouldn’t get wasted, for some reason I just wasn’t. I was completely sane and almost sober (beside the not being able to walk and being awesome at BP thing). But as drunk as I was, I felt out of place. I didn’t want to talk to anyone there, and no one but Chris mattered to me. And to top it all off, there is no service inside Marco’s house. :K

Around 12:30 that night, party still going strong, I went out front so I could call Chris because we hadn’t talked in about 3 hours and I figured he was worried. I wasn’t planning at all on getting picked up or anything, but the second I heard his voice I basically died inside and realized that my world wasn’t in proper order without him. I begged him to get me, and him being the most amazing guy who has ever happened to me, came and got me (he was missing me too, so yay)!

I honestly feel horrible for leaving, but I don’t think I can last in LA without him or my best friend. Brenda was all drunk and a stranger to me. I tried to take care of her as much as possible, so I did talk to Marco, but she seemed to be enjoying herself and she looked me straight in the eye and told me that Marco was the only one she was going to hook up with and she wasn’t drunk enough to let it go further so I felt safe in leaving her there.

I just wish we had more time together, dammit!

Anyways, something is clearly wrong with me. I got home Friday/Saturday morning at 5am, fell asleep from being BEYOND exhausted, and didn’t wake up until 7pm the next day. Smoked some REALLY good weed that made me pass out around 11pm, and I was knocked out until 12pm. So I basically slept err… over 24 hours with a small 4 hour break in between? Yeah. Insane. And that night I fell asleep at a reasonable time (midnight-ish) and was STILL tired to go to work. Why do I sleep so much!?!

I’m gonna end on that, because yes, I’m tired. Chris is at the market right now (a little annoyed that I’m not going with him) to get lemons because the dummy is craving lemon water. Gah! I love him. It’s weird, I think we’re in even more love now than before. Like the spark re-sparked or something. We can’t get our hands off eachother, it’s rather funny because we’re stupid for eachother. Blah, get back with Andrew already so we can be girls in love and happy together!!!


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