Oh, I Just Can’t Wait: The Mane Event

I’m seeing The Lion King in theaters tonight! I’m so excited! And I’m going to see Andrew, and everything is awesome! But Barrett’s gone. 😦

I can’t believe how similar our nights were, with sensuality, Avatar, and electricity. I want tonight to be the same, just as lovely and more. And I guess I’m handing over that poem! Yikes.

Today’s a Lion King kind of day. It feels cozy and romantic. I went to the  Goodwill by my house this morning and got an African style dress for tonight. It’s cute and comfy and something Miwa would wear if it were plainer. It’s orange and awesome. I like it, but I may have to alter it a little.

On TV right now is Cutting Edge, that ice skating movie. The main girl is the voice of Nala. Even though her character is this crazy angry girl with problems, I love hearing her voice. And just now, a Lion King commercial came on. I’m so excited! I wish you were joining us though!

I don’t even know what else to say. Did you like West Side Story? When I saw it with Brenda last December, we loved the choreography (as it seems you did too) and the lighting was good too. But we didn’t like the actors. Our Maria and Tony had zero chemistry and mediocre voices.

DUDE! I’m so excited for Wicked to come back!!!!!

Nala just got drunk. Lol.

My cats are so cute right now. Sunny, Crookshanks, and George are all sleeping outside in a triangle. I’m going to try and get a picture. 🙂

So they moved before I could get the picture I wanted, but the one I got is still all right:

I love my cats. So Andrew asked me the other day what one realistic pet would I have if I could. I couldn’t decide on just one, so I decided on five: koi, a giant tortoise, a pig, frogs/toads, or a gecko.

What realistic pet would you have?




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