Sleepless I Dream of the Day

Dude. Your post was intense. I gotta tell you, that would freak me out so much too.

Lion King was still cool. It definitely wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. Honestly, I think I prefer it in the coziness of my home with all my friends and yummy food. But it was still intense. I cried during it for the first time, but it was in a different scene than you. I cried when Mufasa died. I never realized how sad that was. To truly believe that you accidentally killed the person you love and depend on most… that’s intense.

So I never got to see Andrew yesterday. Macaria just moved into UCLA, so she slept over last night. I could tell that Andrew really wanted to go to the play, but he had to work on this paper that was due on Monday. We talked on the phone for like 20 minutes. He’s so cuuuute! He was like, “I feel so bad, I want to make it up to you. I know I told you before that I would go, and I wish we could reschedule or something, because I really want to go!”

We were going to hang out after the play, but that was before I knew Macaria was coming over. And we were supposed to hang out today once he finished his studying and before I go to work, but I don’t know if we’ll have time anymore, because I’m still chilling with Macaria.

You know what sucks though? I have to work so late tonight. They hired four new people a couple weeks ago, and two of them didn’t make it. So now, I have to take the late shift because we don’t have as many people as we thought we would have today. My first closing shift: 7:30pm – 4am. Shit, man. Thankfully though, I’m pretty sure I have Monday off.

Anyway, back to Andrew being cute. A little while after we talked on the phone yesterday evening, he texted me another, “Yo. You’re cool.” And on the phone, he was like, “I’m going to try and wake up earlier on Sunday so that I can finish my studying and hang out with you before you go to work.”


It is now 5:35. I’m not hanging out with Andrew. Baloooooney. -______-

My social life failed so bad this weekend. Mother fucker! I just want to hang out with him and be cuddle buddies for a friggin few days without interruptions or problems.

Sigghhhh. My mom’s crazy. I’m supposed to work till 4am, and my mom (who was very aware of my schedule today) woke me up before 10:30am. What. The hell. I’m not going to survive tonight. Especially without my dose of Andrew.





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