Wow. Andrew is one confusing fellow, but we already knew that. I know this is awkward to bring up, but that situation reminds me so much of my situation with him. The fact that I slept over and he didn’t want me to leave and told me to come over again later that night and when I got there it was like he forgot that he had a nice night and didn’t want anything to do with me. Is his memory bad? Or does he have mixed feelings about things all the time? Figure him out!

I feel like I just blogged, I did just blog. Chris is at work and I’m watching Make It or Break It which has seriously been a stupid obsession. It’s on Netflix, and there’s so much drama and cute couples and it helps time goes by when I’m alone. I cry a lot during it. It’s a nice release for me. I watch it, and it constantly reminds me of how lucky I am, and how grateful I should be for having Chris. It is love.

Chris and I are in love! You already knew that, but for some reason the two of us keep having epiphanies about it. We’ll catch each others eyes and just be like wow, we are in love. Not many people get to live with the ones they love, you’re a prime example of that, and so I feel so lucky. I was thinking about this the other day..

Why did I get so lucky? I haven’t all around been the best person. I got sucked into the party seen, was a complete bitch to the friends that mattered, neglected my own sister, didn’t really follow the rules and was 100% selfish, 100% of the time. So why did I score the good guy? Why did I get the guy who motivates me to clean the house and be the best I can be every day. Why am I the one with Chris? He saved me, and I often thing I don’t deserve him, I don’t deserve his love because he’s such a great individual. He’s perfect.

It amazes me how two people can come from two different cities, two different lifestyles and somehow mold into each other. It almost feels that way with Chris. Like our similarities pull us so close together, and our differences is what has sewed us up. Life is perfect as long as I’m by his side. Vegas will be interesting.

I’ll be alone for the next 4 hours. Ew. I’ll just watch Make it or Break it. Even though it’s retarded drama, you should watch it….. 😉

P.S. Don’t hurt me.


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