Tree of Life

I actually enjoyed that video. It was intense.

So… what happened with me over the last few days…? Nothing. Like actually nothing. I didn’t hang out with anyone. I don’t even know what I did instead. I think I probably did stuff with my mom and my sister, but I can’t remember what.

When I was depressed the other day, I told you that I was ready to give up on Andrew. I don’t feel like that anymore, but it feels kind of hopeless again. The last time Andrew and I talked was basically when we all played Cranium. The next day was Friday and I was working from 2:30-11. During my break, I texted him to see if he wanted to hang out after work. He said that he might be going out, so I was like, “K, would you be down to kick it?” He said, “Maybe. We’ll see.”

Sometimes maybe means yes, sometimes maybe means maybe, but sometimes maybe means no. So I let it go and haven’t talked to him since. :/

In other news, Roman — the shift lead at work who will be leaving soon to manage Johnny Rockets — is trying to hook me up with Michael, the new kid who’s working with us. And honestly, I might be considering it. Yikes. That shit’s scary. And yucky. And I don’t know how I feel about that. Ugh.

In other other news, I had that interview today. And guess what! I HAVE A SECOND JOB! πŸ˜€ And I get to help save the planet. I am the newest addition to EcoMinded! Yesssss! Best job ever. It’s minimum wage, and I’m only going to work like 10 hours a week, but it’s going to be awesome because this place is awesome. We have to get on these inventions we were talking about over the summer PRONTO! Once we invent shit and think of really awesome ideas, we can tooootallyyyy sell it!

Also, in even more other news, my car did a serious round of dying. To the mechanic it goes! Triple A’s tow truck should be here soon. -____-

I’ll post my drawings on the Challenge page once I finish them up.

I think the “extra” thing should be called the Blog Bonus. Yay for alliteration! πŸ™‚

Mine this week:

Earrings Made from Old Driftwood

These are earrings from my EcoMinded place. They’re made out of old driftwood. πŸ˜€





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