We Are The Lucky Ones!

Once again I feel like I just wrote my blog, even though it was two days ago. I guess it’s just harder for me to write a blog when nothing exciting has happened. Chris and I have been all weird again. Like the spark was trampled on and we’re both trying to hard to light it again, I know it will light again, we’re just both in awful moods lately and they don’t mix. But he’s still so comfy and loveable and that’s extremely reassuring to me.

It’s scary. I feel like everyone is breaking up now. I’ve been facebook stalking all day, since Chris is at work, and Daniel and Olivia broke up. Apparently a while ago, but they arn’t even facebook friends anymore. That’s so sad to me. I don’t want to lose Chris as a friend EVER. I’m happy you and Andrew are still “friends”. 🙂 (reason why I put quotes is because I see you as more than friends, but whatevers).

Being in a relationship seems kind of pointless to me, because I don’t truly believe these people are or were ever in love. I don’t want to go into this again, because I feel like we’ve had long discussions about this, but I believe we are the lucky ones my dear friend.

You should definitely record and post your NYU performance of Comic Potential. That is the one I’ll be doing, only because my teacher said it’s “required” to read the play before doing the monologue and I already have Comic Potential covered. I have a hard time acting as Jacie though, I’m not fully sure how I want to go about it. I want to make myself go through different programs, but I don’t know if it’s a lack of confidence or what, but I find it really difficult to break down. My emotions are not fully tied to it, how did you do it?

Katie hates me. I guess she told you it was because I forgot her birthday or something. I feel really bad, I’ve been trying to talk to her and she ignores. She finally talked back today but it was subtle, and she basically just snapped at me with anger and told me she doesn’t wish to talk to me. I hate how I tend to do that with all of my friends at some point. I’m bad at being there for everyone. Blah.

As of right now, I haven’t fully decided on what my blog bonus will be. But then again, I started writing this blog at around 4:30, it is 6:30 right now and I probably won’t post it until around 10. 😛

So I can’t audition for Equus because the rehearsal times interfere with my schedule, so even if I got a part, I wouldn’t be able to keep it for very long. I am however, reading the script and I find it super intriguing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a pysch major or what but the play is a page turner for sure. I started yesterday, and am basically done with it. It’s pretty short though, I recommend you read it.

So, I started watching a show on netflix called: The Buried Life. It’s basically a show about doing things on a bucket list, and it made me want to have a bucket list with you again and actually stick with it. So I decided for my blog bonus to start our new buck list. I’ll start with 5 things I want to do with you before I die, and if you’re feeling it you should continue it and when we one day live close to eachother again, we should complete the things on our list, for reals.

1. Invent something resourceful for our planet.

2. Spiritually shroom.

3. Perform on Broadway.

4. Raise money for our own euro trip.

5. Enter a beer pong tournament in Vegas.

Those are just the things that came to my head just now. We should be epic together. The show is actually pretty cool lol.

I think I’m all done with this blog, I don’t have much more to say. It only took me 5 hours to write. 😛 Hope to see our list continue!




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