Most Everyone Is Mad Here

That bucket list is quite demanding, I must say. Particularly number three. Even professional actors don’t usually get to do that. I can see you’re aiming big. The other buckets I can deal with.

What might I like to add? Give me a moment…

6. Write our own awesome possum play together. (See, this one’s realistic.)

7. GO ON A FRIGGIN DOUBLE DATE. Like a real one. Like not just a Cranium night. Like we go out somewhere and do something romantic. Like we actually call it a double date.

8. Babysit each other’s spawn. All the time.

9. Own some kind of cute little business-type thing together, whether it be my idea of a future theatre group in my garage, or a mini company that makes awesome environmentally friendly things, or even a cozy little tea shop.

10. Grow a strain of weed to call our own.


So I’m going to be the Cheshire Cat for Halloween. It is already a committed decision. I’m making my own costume and have already ordered stuff for it. It’s going to be bomb, just so you know. I just want to sketch it out fosho and have it on paper. Then I need to buy a few more things, borrow my grandma’s sewing machine, and act like I’m way better at sewing than I actually am. Woohoo! Yeeahh! I’m so excited for it. I’ll be the coolest cat in town.

La la la Andrew texted me today! WHY CAN’T WE JUST BE TOGETHER AGAIN, DAMN IT!? Whenever I think of Andrew, I get a mixture of feelings and thoughts: “Aww he’s so lovely and cute and adorable”; “I want to do him… now”; “Mothafuckaaa why doesn’t he love me?!?!”; “I hate boys”; “I hate Elana and Chris… mostly Elana”; “YES! I can do this! WE can do this! We are meant for each other”; “YAYYYYYY!”; “Why do I even like this kid?”; “I’m a single lady, I’m a single lady! Now put your hands up!”; and, of course, “What if I’m just a lesbian?”


Regarding your dealio with Katie, you kind of deserve it. You lost her friendship because you didn’t bother to keep it. You didn’t bother to keep it because of the lifestyle you live. And you live that lifestyle because you chose that lifestyle. Well, that’s how I see it, anyway.

Dude. You want me to do the monologue? And record it for you? That’s sooo awkward, man!

I’m really tired. I closed tonight and now it’s 4am. I’m actually not that tired. This blog is really boring because I think I’m talking nonsense and a lot of blah blah blah verbal diarrhea crap (“diarrhea” was much harder to spell than I thought it would be).

Oh, have you checked out the last two Drawing Challenges I did? I think I posted them in the gallery.

I can’t think of what to do for my Blog Bonus either. When in doubt, STUMBLE! (Hopefully I’ll get something from that. It’s too deep into the night to be creative at all.)

OK, you’ll enjoy this.




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