I Want To See The Puss ‘n Boots Movie

I just got finished reading your Blog Bonus, and you’re right, I did enjoy it. My favorite part of the whole thing was the stat that said both dog and cat owners “are slightly more likely to think musical theatre is awesome, rather than boring”. Fuck yes.

I cleaned my living room today. I feel pretty damn accomplished. 🙂 Kitten is lying on my chest, and I’m waiting for Chris to get home to work so we can go to my friend Lauren’s house to drink and what not. First time drinking in Fullerton! Win.

This is the first time I’ll be hanging out with Lauren. She’s in my gymnastics class, and she’s kind of adorable in the innocent sense. She just broke up with her boyfriend last Tuesday, after a 3 year relationship and is doing fine because she is finally having the time of her life lol. This chick is 20, a few months shy of 21 and has only been drunk once and that was last weekend. She told me that she’s glad she got rid of her boyfriend because he was holding her back from experiencing, but she’s scared because she does love the dude. It’s kind of scary how one decision to “have fun and experience things” can potentially ruin love.

I’m glad Chris found me when he did. I think he saved me from killing myself or doing something I would forever regret. Yay for his timing!

Anyways, I’m kind of excited. I haven’t ever been to someone else’s house before and I’m so happy that Chris is going to be there too. She said she has a pool/jacuzzi so that should also be fun. Win!

Enough of that.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m currently slightly obsessed with Hayao Miyazaki. I want to have a marathon and watch all his movies. All his shit is so trippy and the story lines are pretty amazing, I think I finally appreciate it now.

I don’t have anything worthwhile for a blog bonus. I literally spent the last 40 minutes looking for something worthy and couldn’t find anything up to my expectations. I really want a kitten with small short ears, so I’ll post this videos. SO CUTE!

Yada, ya.
SO I spent all my time looking for a video, didn’t even find a great one, and now Chris is home and I haven’t seen him all day. I hate when our schedules suck.

So ending this now! BYE!
Have fun with your loverrrr.


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