Love is a Burning Thing and it Makes a Fiery Ring

I’m fucking tired.
So I think this whole week really drained the fuck out of me. I sleep every second I get. I just woke up from my 3rd nap today (had 3 mini ones) and decided to write my blog before I pass out again. 😛

So, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been emotionally drained and frustrated all week or what but I miss and need you more than ever lately. Being with you seems like the most peaceful thing for me, and it sucks when you’re miles away. Grr.

I don’t know what it is with jacuzzi’s and my friends fucking in them!? I had never once had to sit on the couch and my friend decides to fuck her whatever, but for some reason the jacuzzi sets the mood where you don’t care if there are spectators. First with you and Andrew that one time, which made me more happy than uncomfortable. And then again last night with Lauren. She felt so bad afterwards though, but still… dude… wtf.

So yes, last night I went in the jacuzzi with Chris, Lauren and this guy Josh. Lauren was pretty drunk (at least drunker than I have ever seen her) and definitely horny. I don’t think she even likes Josh. He’s like 31, and kind of ugly. She said so herself, yet they ended up fucking that night, beats me! I wish sex felt good for me…. it looks like such an amazing time. Fml.

Chris is sleeping. I’m bored. I want to actually go out tonight and have a good time. I want to stop stressing. LKJlakjflajklkja.

I’m posting a blog bonus of a video that you probably have already seen, and might have seen again because both Jonathan and Ben Bryan shared it on facebook but even watching it for a second time made me laugh a little inside and made me feel a little at ease, so I’m going to post it. But since it’s potentially a really lame blog bonus, I’m going to talk about something awesome Chris and I just found (you probably won’t get the point) 😛


Moving on. So this super cool thing Chris and I just found. It’s this worldwide scavenger hunt called geocaches. It’s basically been going around for many years, but only special people know about it lol. My coworker Louis told me about it because apparently there was a “geocache” in the tree outside of our apartment and sure enough he found it for me and it had been there for over a year now.

Basically it’s an ap, and the ap shows all the nearby (or you can search further away) spots on where these things are planted. They are normally in tree’s, bushes, or under light posts. It’s basically a little film container, or Altoids case, or whatever the person who started it decided to put it in. Inside, there is always a piece of paper that you sign to say you found it, and so you can find out how long it has been there and when you find it you usually find a little toy, money or note inside. You take whatever is inside, and replace something of your own for the next person to find it. I think it’s epic lol.

Some of the canisters are put in areas that people think are awesome. Basically epic smoke stops, or epic views, or anything worth sharing. And sometimes it’s as random as being in the tree outside of the leasing office to our apartment. Unfortunately, the ap is 10 dollars, but I think we’re going to get it because it seems pretty fun to do. The one Louis should be today, the person who found it before us were lame and didn’t leave us anything (the container was kind of tiny so I don’t blame him/her) but they found it 5 days ago so it’s pretty consistently happening. You also can always plant your own geocache for others to find, and go back to it and find out how many people found it.

Everyone who plays has cool code names that they use to sign the papers, and Louis was telling me that he has seen multiple names on the list of people who have been to each spot. It seems chill so when I got to LA, we should do it. 😛

^^ That’s the website. I’m pretty sure it’s actually free online if you don’t want to get the ap. The ap is just helpful on locating and pinpointing exactly where it is whenever you want. I’m not sure if we’re going to spend money on the ap yet, but there you go if you want to get started. 🙂


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