I’ll Be There for You, ‘Cause You’re There for Me Too

I guess it’s my turn again.

I have stuff to say, but I really don’t feel like writing it, especially since I have to leave for work in an hour and 15 minutes. So I don’t have much time either.

I guess that means I’m going to do another video:
(It’s a difficult video to follow. I spaced out too much.)

So my coworkers are awesome. We’re determined to make a Pinkberry Girls Calendar (plus Roman and Michael). One of our customers gave us the idea like a month ago. We’re planning it all out. It’s going to be epic. And we’re going to sell it to our customers and donate the money to a food charity thingy for children in need. All we need is our owner’s approval. That sounds so awkward — our owner. Awk.

I’m a little nervous about getting my tattoo. But excited. But nervous.


So it’s 11:41 right now and I just finished my shift about an hour ago. Ingrid was sad because her best friend / roommate moved out today. She only moved to Santa Monica, but Ingrid came into work on the verge of tears. I told her that I knew how she felt — that my best friend moved away, and my boyfriend and I broke up, and my other best friends went to college, all during the already hardest time of my life so far.

I think I’m going to be hanging out with Ingrid more. We planned a date at Native Foods where we’re going to dress up and receive free dessert, and we’re definitely going to the Yule Ball at Whimsic Alley in December. Ingrid’s awesome. She’s going to move away eventually too though. Her visa thing expires in February, I think, so she’ll be going back home Down Under for a while.

She’s also cool because she is auditioning to be part of Son of Semele. Frickin chill. I’m going to make her see Wicked with me too when it comes back. She said she’s never seen it because in Australia, tickets were super expensive.

Ugh. I’m tired.

Good night.



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