Never Too Late

So I don’t think I like blogging anymore.

I wish we just talked more. Like texted daily about random things that pop up in our lives. I always think of things I need to tell you, and then I forget when I need to blog. And I hate it. We should just text, frequently. RLKAJLJALJAKLJFS.

AND my boyfriend is pissing me off. He keeps trying to distract me, and so I totally lost everything I was going to rant about. Dammmitt.

SO, Katie and I are talking again. YAY.

Anyways, I’m super pissed about Thursday night. I was super excited to spend it with you, but I realize now that even if I had Friday off we would probably end up getting drunk at Andrews and sleeping there and I wouldn’t have alone time with you anyways, I would more likely have alone time, by myself, and that’s shitty. So maybe it worked out. Chris is coming to see Bring it On now, and then we’ll meet up, have a good time and when we get tired I’ll go back to the good ol’ OC. Yay.

The only thing I REALLY love to do right now is geocache. We can geocache in Vegas if you’re down, I am. I might end up doing it all by my lonesome if you and Brenda choose it’s gay.

I’m craving girl lips…. they’re sexy.

Only for a month though, and so I’ve been watching GSN like non-stop, and we also temporarily have a DVR, so I can record shit, and pause my fucking TV and it’s fucking sick. Ha. I love not having to watch commercials, it’s bad fucking ass.

I want to be a pirate.

I’m jealous of your friendship with Harry Potter. Honestly, I wish I had something that I was so attached to, because even as pathetic as you think it is, I think it’s awesome that you have at least that world when everything and everyone else is being stupid. I on the other hand, don’t have anywhere else to turn except this stupid life we are doomed in.

So, about your “blog bonus”. I didn’t think much about it unfortunately, so I’m going to make a few things up on the spot right now.

“I’ve been a potato before.”

The play would be a dramedy, of course. Potato would be a symbol, obviously. Potato signifying a very awkward looking kid, somewhat of a loner, mostly a nerd, acne ridden, with VERY low self-esteem. That won’t be revealed until at least the second act. The plot would be about this “potato” AKA awkward ass kid (like we all were at one point) and him being something TOTALLY different. Maybe a gay crossdresser? Something WAY out there, with TOTAL confidence.


I don’t fucking know. I’m really bad at coming up with plots, without brainstorming with someone else. So we should discuss further and cross my idea off the list. 🙂 Heh.



P.S. My title was Bubba Gump Banana Cum


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