Can’t think of a title right now because I don’t feel good.

Sometimes you’re the lamest person I know, for several different reasons. I’m not going to elaborate any further. Sorry if that hurt your feelings.


If you don’t want to blog, then whatever. I’m still going to blog though, because I’m cooler than you. I love it as an internet time capsule and it forces me to think. And dude. If I had random things that popped into my head that I wanted to tell you, then I would text you. But I don’t usually have random things to tell you. And when I do, I do text you. Or I don’t, because I’m working.


Since Pinkberry is my life now apparently, Ingrid and I are buddies. We hung out all day yesterday and hung out today and we’re hanging out tomorrow too. Yesterday, we went to the Pinkberry at the Grove to judge them (we gave them a very low score), went to Goodwill to find Ingrid a Yule Ball dress and to do some general shopping, and went to dinner at Johnny Rockets for her first time. They eventually kicked us out because it was midnight and they were closed. Haha!

Ingrid and I have a lot in common.

Today we went to Whimsic Alley and browsed funly (I can’t think of the right word right now), then went to Target for tights, and went to Payless because I forgot my work shoes at home and wasn’t about to wear my boots to work. She also had Jamba Juice for the first time. Then we went to work (she started an hour earlier than me) and pretended that we didn’t hang out.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Beverly Center to eat peanut butter Pinkberry, because apparently they still have it. We’re supposed to be on a no-Pinkberry diet for a month though. This is already going quite unsuccessfully (we started it last night after we had Pinkberry). Anyway, after we indulge in frozen yogurt, we’re going to get pizza at this pizza place by our work that apparently has amazing, all-organic pizza. And tomorrow, this is all possibly going to include our former co-worker Roman if he’s not working. Then I’m hanging out with Andrew, then I’m  hanging out with you.

Unless I’m sick.

Because I feel kind of sick right now, and it’s been going around work (all my manager’s fault). My head felt shitty throughout my whole shift — heavy, but light-headed, feverish, and headachy. Then later in my shift, my body started aching. And on my way home, I started feeling slightly nauseous. Right now I still feel all those things. I don’t think I can move.

And actually, I’m beginning to feel quite sick and probably need to go to bed before I get sicker and have to throw up.

So good night.



I sketched this at my EcoMinded job. Possible tattoo after redo’s and touch-ups?

Tell me what you think. I sort of put a heart in it, whilst also half basing it off of the Whomping Willow in HP.

Oh, which reminds me. Ingrid and I were closing last night and during it, we plugged in my iPod and listened to Harry Potter music for the last hour. It was kind of epic. 🙂


Without the gear:


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