We Will Be Gorgeous, You and I

Blogging. By myself.

It’s a shame you’re a lazy ass.


Today was quite a day. I usually don’t work on Tuesdays except for my 5 hours at EcoMinded, and I usually don’t work on Mondays at all. But since I’m taking four days off in a row from Pinkberry this week, I had to take up the extra shifts. I closed last night ’til 3am, had EcoMinded this morning from 10-3, had deep conversation with Andrew, and went to work at the Berry, 9-3.

Luckily I did get a two-hour nap in there before swirling.

So how did my talk with Andrew go? Well, I cried. Again. But not as badly. We came to the agreement that he needed to be more present in our relationship, and he is willing to cut down on weed. So we agreed on one sober day a week to start off with. (And we were happy again by the end of our conversation, so yay!)

To further improve his life and our relationship, I want to introduce a healthy lifestyle — a lifestyle that sober, normal people live. This includes: showering every day, keeping up with taking care of his house, and eating a well balanced diet rather than the munchies diet. We kind of started doing this in May, I believe. But then I got overwhelmed with my depression, so it didn’t really work out.

Anyway, this is kind of just a side project thingy. I can’t explain very well.

I am also determined to force more activities upon ourselves and bring back the things that we used to do. Here are a few of the things I want to do with him:

  • go on hikes, just the two of us
  • make dinner/food together (healthy food!)
  • build a fort and hotbox it (one of the only exceptions to my new sobriety phase)
  • go on picnics
  • go to the beach (I’ve never been to the beach with him!)
  • wine and cheese night

Additionally, I want to record all of these Kodak moments. I find it disappointing that we have hardly any pictures together.

Have any other ideas? Make a short blog and post them if you do (LAZY ASS!). Maybe we can turn some of these into double dates if we ever ever get the chance.

Gahhh short blog. I have to go to sleep though, even though I could blabber for longer. But it’s 5am, and I have to be up by noon, which sounds silly, but that’s 7 hours of sleep.

I’ll conclude by saying that I guess in the end, the most important thing in life, relationships, and love is maintaining happiness, whatever that means. I do believe strongly that health is directly correlated to the ability to be happy, which is why I’m pushing Andrew’s sobriety. But I’m not completely anti-drug. I see drugs as a kind of junk food. It’s all right to have it once in a while — certain junk less than others — but you can’t have a family-size bag of Doritos every day.

I believe happiness is key. Above all, I believe that we can do spectacular things together and achieve this happiness — as long as we have faith, trust and a little pixie dust.

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” -Dumbledore




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