Mowgli is Getting Heavy

This might surprise you, but I understand your blog way more than you thought I would. The reason I understand this, is because I’m going through the same thing. I can’t explain it, and I feel stupid sometimes when I try, but I knew that Chris was the guy I was going to marry, and love for eternity the day I became his girlfriend.

It sounds crazy to most, crazy to me, but I guess we both have super good intuition or we’re sort of psychic. I truly understand how you feel. You just know it in your heart, and you don’t know why your gut is telling you something so ridiculous but you can’t not trust it because you know it is right. Some things, in my opinion, ARE meant to be, and if you believe and know deep down that you and Andrew are meant to be, you guys will be. It will happen years down the line.

I was talking to my friend Jerry about this on Monday. I told him I moved in with Chris the day we started dating (a little before actually) and I just knew he was the one. And he asked me a simple question: “Do you still have those same feelings?” And my answer was “Yes, actually I do..”. So as crazy as it sounds, I think there is a part within us that is capable of knowing things like true love.

It’s the same thing that tells me I will one day become friends with someone. I had that same gut feeling with you actually, reason why I was so persistent in being your friend because something inside me was telling me that it was meant to be that way, and look at us now. 🙂

I don’t have much to say, other than the fact that I’m REALLY missing Chris and I won’t see him until about 11 tonight. I know you’ll probably roll your eyes at that, but when you’re used to being with someone ever second, of every day, 12 hours apart is a REALLY long time. Blah. Pathetic, pathetic I know.


I miss you.


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