And The List Goes On

So I don’t have much time to write this since I’m SUPER exhausted and turns out my hands shake when I type, trippy.

But I just want to make note of the fact that back then we were little and you for one wasn’t really allowed out without Martin. I’m going to also add a few memories I remember, that aren’t necessarily good ones but they were definitely memorable.

– That time where you and your mom got in a huge fight and we ended up running away in the rain, fucking dramatic as fuck, but it happened, we ran away together.

– Martin was there but I barely remember him, but crying over S. Brown. Unforgettable for me at least.

– Working for Upright and getting those batteries and basically saving the show AND bonding with Shane afterwards while he showed us drunk pictures. 😛

– When we started watching Avatar the Last Airbender and kept passing out.

– Macaroni and Cheese, every fucking time.

– Seeing Julia & Julia and being expired to write this blog. (I know your mom was there but honestly the memory of her doesn’t exist much)

And now I too blank. I’m tired. But honestly I think our best moments were when we lied in bed and just talked for hours until you fell asleep.  We should bond when I get back to LA and recap our lives together. I love and miss you dearly.



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