Bucket List

1. Invent something resourceful for our planet.

2. Spiritually shroom.

3. Perform on Broadway.

4. Raise money for our own euro trip.

5. Enter a beer pong tournament in Vegas.

6. Write our own awesome possum play together. (See, this one’s realistic.)

7. GO ON A FRIGGIN DOUBLE DATE. Like a real one. Like not just a Cranium night. Like we go out somewhere and do something romantic. Like we actually call it a double date.

8. Babysit each other’s spawn. All the time.

9. Own some kind of cute little business-type thing together, whether it be my idea of a future theatre group in my garage, or a mini company that makes awesome environmentally friendly things, or even a cozy little tea shop.

10. Grow a strain of weed to call our own.

11. Write a children’s book together.

12. Time Capsule.


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